Dwigraha Yoga: How it Formed in Different Combinations

What is Dwigraha Yoga in astrology?

Defination: Dwigraha Yoga is formed by the conjunction of two planets in a same house. This Yoga is found in mostly horoscopes. But, only few people take its advantage; just because of its good placement and good or no aspects on them. This is what Dwigraha Yoga actually means.

How Dwigraha Yoga formed in horoscope?

This Dwigraha Yoga is formed with different-different planets and it have all the qualities of Raja Yoga. That gives fame and wealth to the native.

Different combinations of Dwigraha Yoga:

1. Sun and Moon: This can make a person smart and very good at making creative things and ideas.

2. Sun and Mars: This will make a person very hardworking and brave as well. This native will achieve everything on their own.

3. Sun and Mercury: This will make Budhaditya Yoga. This native will have a communication skills and leadership qualities.

4. Sun and Jupiter: The native will be very good at his/her studies. These people will be very smart and can speak for hours on any topic.

5. Sun and Venus: This native will achieve all kinds of luxuries and good stuff that everyone desire for.
6. Sun and Saturn: These people will known for their justice behavior towards everyone. If in bad position, then will make native to lie so often.

7. Moon and Mars: This will make Chandra Mangal Yoga. These people will achieve everything they desire for by their own efforts.

8. Moon and Mercury: These people will speak the truth. Whatever they will be thinking; they will speak up.

9. Moon and Jupiter: This will make Gaja Kesari Yoga. These people can handle any situation according to their mind and can achieve good success.

10. Moon and Venus: These native will always think about luxuries and all stuff. Most of the mind they get involved in bad things too!

11. Moon and Saturn: This is a Vish Yoga. This can disturbs native mind but still he/she will achieve what they want only if their lagna lord is in good condition with Saturn without any kind of disturbance in their mind.

12. Mars and Mercury: These people will be very hardworking and will surely possess good communication skills.

13. Mars and Jupiter: These native will have both knowledge and courage to accomplish their task.

14. Mars and Venus: These native will work really hard to achieve their desires.

15. Mars and Saturn: If any of these planet is in good position with lagna lord. Then, it can reduce its malefic effects a little bit.

16. Mercury and Jupiter: These people will have very sharp mind and they can actually predict the future.

17. Mercury and Venus: This will make a good in astrology and native will have all the desired luxuries and properties too!

18. Mercury and Saturn: This will make native to achieve all his/her wealth and property and success that he/she chases.

19. Jupiter and Venus: It can make a person to chase for luxuries or maybe towards knowledge. It depends on their individual strength.

20. Jupiter and Saturn: It can give good results like Raja Yoga if their aspects and degrees and positions are good.

21. Venus and Saturn: These people can live a good life by helo of low standard peoples.
That's how these Dwigraha Yoga gives their results. Remember, I only explained what their conjunction really mean. But, their degrees, aspects and positon can bring some different results.


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