Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga: Wealth Inherited From Mother

Welcome Everyone! In this blog post, we will discuss about Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga. Basically, how it forms in a native chart and when you can expect it's results through transit.

What is Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga?

Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga is one of those yoga where a person inherit or we can say gain wealth through their mother or from mother like figure in their life and it can be bigger inheritance or smaller that is totally depend upon the intensity of this Yoga in your birth chart or Moon Chart.

How Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga is Present in Kundli:

Mathru Moola Dhana Yoga is formed whenever 2nd and 4th House Lord is Placed in the Kendra (1,4,7,10) houses or trine houses (1,5,9)

Results of Matru Moola Dhana Yoga are:

1. The native will gain wealth that is represented by the condition of 2nd Lord and 4th lord.

2. 4th Lord basically shows vehicles and property and it is also the house of mother. If it is badly placed then maybe you'r mother may not have anything to give you.

3. If your 2nd Lord and 4th Lord is Placed in the 4th House Itself the native will lead luxurious lifestyle by the grace of their mother.

4. The Native will also be able to make decisions and make their investments bigger.

5. Most importantly, the natives relation with their mother will always be good and will get support from her. 

When Will This Yoga Give Results:

In order to understand transit, you have to keep few things in the mind. 

1. First, open your birth chart or moon chart.

2. Then, look at the dasha and antar dasha.

3. Now! Open your Transit Chart.

So, you have 3 things infront of you. 

First, look at whether you are going through the dasha or antardasha or prayantar dasha of 2nd or 4th lord.

If yes! Then continue with the next step:

Now! Look at the transit if in thr transit your 2nd and 4th lord are somehow making in trine with the lord of 2nd and 4th house.

Now! Open your birth chart, and whatever your age is, just look at the birth chart and count on those numbers from 1st house to 12 house and keep going until you reach your current age. Then, that will show what house is activated in your chart and what signs, nakshatra and planets also.

Let's take an Example:

1. You are a Virgo ascendant, your 2nd And 4th Lord is in the 4th House. That is Venus and Jupiter respectively.

2. You are going through the time period of Mercury/Jupiter/Venus

3. And You are going to be 27 next year. That means, next year your 2nd House will get activate and it is placed in 4th house with Jupiter. So, your 2nd and 4th House and their lords are going to get activate next year.

(To figure out age activation: 1st House shows age 1 and so on 12th house shows age 12 and when you keep going then after 12th house 1st house comes. That will show age 13 and 2nd house after that shows age 14. Hope! You got it.)

4. Now! In the Transit Chart of Virgo ascendant people. Venus is in the 8th House which is aspecting it's 2nd House and making trine connection with 4th House. And same as check whether Jupiter is also making some sort of connection or not.

If yes! Then, that can be the time period when you can expect gain according to the intensity of Mathru Moola dhana yoga in your horoscope. 

Intensity can be checked according to their placements, degree and whether they are afflicted or not.

That's it. Thank You💐


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