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7th lord in different nakshatra spouse astrology

Hey Everyone. In this article, we are going to discuss about 7th lord in different nakshatra and your spouse in astrology. So, let's start with our topic: 7th Lord in Different Nakshatra: 7th lord in Ashwini Nakshatra: Your spouse will be soft in nature and very intelligent as well. He or She will have fearless nature. Your spouse will love to travel a lot. 7th lord in Bharani Nakshatra: Your spouse maybe earning money by their own efforts. Your spouse will have creative mind also. My advice is to never scold them; just try to fix the problem. 7th lord in Kritika Nakshatra: Your spouse will be very kind hearted person and very very intelligent too! Your spouse may comes from a royal family. 7th lord in Rohini Nakshatra: Your spouse will be very attractive and intelligent. The eyes of your spouse will also be very attractive. Your spouse maybe emotional in nature. 7th lord in Mrigashira Nakshatra: Your spouse will dedicated towards his or her goals until they ac

Easy Method For Marriage Timing Prediction as per Astrology

Hey! Everyone. In this article, we are going to discuss how to predict marriage timing as per astrology. In this article, to predict the timing of your marriage; you have to use Navamsha Chart or D9 Chart and the 7th house. So, let's start with our topic. 1. First of all, Open your Navamasha Chart. 2. Then, look at your 7th House number. That number will have their own lord. For example, 7 Number lord is Venus. 3. Then, note down your 7th Lord. And go through these points and anyone one of them can be useful to indicate when Will you get married. And after that, You will never have to ask anyone about your marriage timing. Be Independent! So, let' start with our major points: 1. During mahadasha of your 7th house lord. You can get married. In this case, there are high chances of getting married. 2. If you are going through Lagna lord's Mahadasha and 7th Lord's antardasha. You can get married at that time also. 3. If you are going through Lagna Lord's dasha

D2 Chart or Hora Chart Wealth Predictions [4 Points] in Astrology

Hey! Everyone. In this article, we are gonna be covering the d2 chart predictions and factors that you have to keep in mind while reading your d2 chart (hora). So, let’s start with our topic: What is D2 Chart/Hora Chart? D2 Chart is the big picture of the 2nd house from your birth chart that shows wealth and assets mainly. And no remedies will work on it if any planet is debilitated here. D2 Chart or Hora chart is mainly used to make predictions. D2 Chart Wealth Predictions: Here, We will give you some proven points that you can cross-check in your d2 chart to know about your wealth. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Leo ascendant or a Cancer ascendant you have in your d2 chart. Just cross-check these points. Condition 1: If you have more male planets in the Leo sign and more female planets in the cancer sign. Then, you have a superb d2 chart/hora chart. The native will have their own vehicle and property. And the native will gather more wealth as compared to others. Condition 2:

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Saturn In Aries: Reality

Hey! Everyone. In this article, I'm going to discuss Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga by Saturn in Aries. What is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga Saturn In Aries? Neecha means cancellation of debilitated Planet which is Saturn in Aries in this case. And that planet gives good results like Raja Yoga in its dasha or antardasha to the native. This Yoga is made in two cases. Remember:   Saturn must hold good degrees that lies between 7° to 18° How Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga can happen when Saturn is in Aries: If Mars or Saturn is placed with Saturn in the sign of Aries. Then, they will make Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga for sure! The native will lead his or her life like a king during Saturn dasha or antardasha. No matter! They are in conjunction or just placed there. This is a Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga by Saturn in Aries. Case 1:  If Saturn is placed in the Aries sign and Mars is also placed there in conjunction with Saturn. Then, it becomes Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga by Saturn in Aries. Then, Saturn will giv

Mars-Ketu Conjunction: Expectations vs Reality

Well! My friends... So, you have Mars-Ketu Conjunction in your horoscope and you are afraid of how it will impact your life. Then, you should research deeper maybe it is not that much worse for you. What is Mars-Ketu Conjunction? Mars-Ketu conjunction is considered a malefic conjunction. But, their conjunction is good if it is happening in some signs and in some houses. For example, If you have Mars Ketu conjunction in Scorpio sign where Mars-Ketu gets exalted. Then, it will give quite good results. So, if you have this conjunction within 15°. Then, you will be very good at dominating others. These are the people that can become a very good lawyer, surgeons, and army officers too! It is also seen that if you have this conjunction in certain houses. Then, these people also get involved in the IT field. Mars-Ketu Conjunction through Houses: Mars-Ketu in 1st House:  These people will do their work with a lot of hard work and the native will try to stay away from lies. These are the peo

Ketu and Your Past Life Connections: Vedic Astrology

Hey! So, you want to know what Ketu shows about your past life connections and we can say events. Ketu and Past Life Connections: If Ketu is placed with any planet. Then, it shows that you have a past life connection with those things represented by that planet. And then, you will start detaching from it. That's what Ketu is showing about your past life. For example:  If you have Ketu with Mars. Then, I've saw that in most of the cases. The native was involved in the engineering or police-related jobs. Then, they starts doing something else and they've got success. I can't disclose anyone's name but that is the fact that I'm sharing here. And same as if you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, rahu sitting with saturn tells you that in your past birth you were not able to achieve those things but in this birth you'll work for it. For example:  If you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, you can be a jailer or stock broker also. In short, all the professions related to th

Darakaraka and its Effects on Different houses and Signs

Hey! Everyone... In this article, I'm going to cover the topic of Darakaraka and Darakaraka in different houses. What is Darakaraka? Darakaraka is the planet that has the lowest degree in the birth chart. That planet is called Darakaraka.  Darakaraka in Different Houses: Darakaraka in 1st House:  Your spouse will be more dedicated towards you and you too will feel attached with him/her. After marriage, you can say your desires will be fulfilled. Maybe he or she will help you in improving your personality. Your spouse could help you in your business or he/she may already be indulged in business. Darakaraka in 2nd House:  Your spouse will be very rich. He/she will be very much concerned about families. He/she may have good knowledge about financial matters. Darakaraka in 3rd House:  Your spouse will be courageous. He/she will be very much brave. Your spouse can come from the communication and media field. He/She will be very much creative and intelligent. Darakaraka in 4th Hous