11 Sign Effects of Ketu in 7th House of Female or Male Horoscope

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If you have Ketu in the 7th house. It does not matter whether you are male or female here. Ketu will treat you the same way in the 7th house.

In this article, I am going to tell you what will happen if Ketu is in the 7th house and it also has a good side. Trust me!

Let's begin!!

Ketu in 7th House in Female/Male Horoscope:

7th House represents union things like marriage, business partnership, fame, and all. You can see these things through the 7th house.

Ketu represents separation from the materialistic world, it can make someone think about spirituality and taking decisions without thinking

Effects of Ketu in 7th House:

1. It will make you soo much unsatisfied with these that you have!

2. These people usually criticize things from your own perspective. But maybe you are right!

3. You will not make efforts to achieve things again and again! Because it's kind of boring thing.

4. You will be always looking for someone better whether in terms of partner or any other thing.

5. You will always have that desire to get someone better or to date someone better!

6. Your desire to achieve something better and better can make you successful too!

7. Sometimes, you might think that your personality is not matching with your partner.

8. These small things can lead you towards divorce and separation.

9. But you can get rid of these things by just simply accepting your partner.

10. And then you'll start compromising but soon... You'll not feel it a burden relationship!

11. You are better to do business alone rather than in a partnership.

From the 7th house, Ketu will aspecting the 11th house; which is the house of desires and also the 3rd house of your siblings and circle.

Due to this aspect, Ketu will try to separate you from them!

No matter it is the cause of fighting or you are living away in a foreign land during its mahadasha.
 Ketu will try to disconnect you from materialistic things!

Now! You can go deeper into this situation by just checking the sign placement.

In order to do that, first, check what number is there. If there is 1 then the 1st zodiac will be the sign of your Ketu in the 7th house.

Let's begin this discussion:

Ketu in 7th House in Different Signs:

Ketu in Aries Sign in 7th House: Sometimes, you will feel detached from your spouse or may have issues with self-confidence or we can say shyness. He/She will have calm nature and a simple lifestyle. Sometimes, he/she will also become very courageous to face problems in life. His/Her tension may be a waste of their time because they just fear the future.

Ketu in Taurus Sign in 7th House: Your spouse may feel detached from his/her family. He/She will love you a lot or maybe you love him/her a lot but in the return, he/she will never get the same back. He/She is maybe wealthy but will not interested in such a materialistic world. He/She will have some speech issues maybe because they use to speak the truth. He/She will be very much concerned about their finance.

Ketu in Gemini Sign in 7th House: Your spouse maybe not that much talkative. Or maybe he/she feels some kind of detachment from the communication that he/she does with you. He/She may feel detached from his/her relatives or maybe you feel this. He/She will face some problems while making decisions because Ketu is impacting this house. So, maybe you take a lot of time to confirm your marriage.

Ketu in Cancer sign in 7th house: You or maybe your spouse feels kind of detached from emotions. Maybe you or your spouse feels detachment with mother nourishment. Your spouse or maybe you; have some issues with peace in mind. Maybe there was no happiness in his/her childhood. So, both of you should go away from your homeland and try other places for vacations. Then, you will feel good and get some peace in your life. Negative thoughts may occur in his/her mind sometimes. But, he/she will be very kind towards you.

Ketu in Leo sign in 7th house: He/She may feel detached from his/her father. Your spouse or maybe your own mentality can't able to match with your child's mentality. He/She may have a lot of knowledge but due to low effort or no effort; he/she will have to face no results in that field. Sometimes, he/she may become angry without any reason, and then after few hours; they will apologize. Why?? Well! Because this is what Ketu does. They take action without thinking in a deep way.

Ketu in Virgo sign in 7th house: Your spouse will be cooperative in nature. He/She may have a face problem in their work field because they are not those tough personalities who can handle such situations. They may look powerful but they are the weaker ones. He/She may be connected to any medical field or finance sector.

Ketu in Libra sign in 7th house: Your spouse may not feel satisfied with you or maybe you don't feel the same way. You may have to face problems in business partnership and marriage. Maybe you desperately want to get married but you'll face problems or maybe you have that mindset not to get married. That will also lead you into such situations.

Ketu in Scorpio sign in 7th house: Your spouse may have some knowledge or interest in hidden knowledge stuff. He/She may be a good surgeon you never know. Your spouse or maybe you feel detached with her in-laws.

Ketu in Sagittarius sign in 7th house: Your spouse may not be that much interested in religious matters. They will like to research such things by themselves and that's totally okay. He/She may have their own opinions about what their teachers taught them. He/She may feel detached from his/her elders and siblings.

Ketu in Capricorn sign in 7th house: Your spouse may feel detached from an authoritative personality. He/She may have also tried so many jobs. He/She may get success in business. He/She will have a belief in spirituality.

Ketu in Aquarius sign in 7th House: He/She may leave his/her job if it is in the cooperative sector. According to my, they can do business very well and also they can do something for their society. He/She may be involved in astrology or occult-related things. Your spouse will have limited friends in their circle with whom they feel attached.

Ketu in Pisces sign in 7th House: Your spouse may feel detached from spirituality but later he/she may find spirituality in a good way. Your spouse may feel detached from creativity and imagination. Your spouse may have less intuition power but later on, he/she will fix that. Overall! This placement is good.

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