[2023] Dasa Sandhi | Effects of Dasa Sandhi on Marriage

Don'T Hurry!!  In Marriage During Dasha Sandhi

Why? Because...

Soon! It will screw your married life

I'm Not Scared but I would like to share this with you!

What Is Dasha Sandhi?

Dasha Sandhi means the time period in which one dasha is going to end and another one is about to start!

Venus – 20 Years

Saturn – 19 Years

Rahu – 18 Years

Mercury – 17 Years

Jupiter – 16 Years

Moon – 10 Years

Ketu – 7 Years

Mars – 7 Years

Sun – 6 Years

When will Your Dasa Sandhi start ending?

To know that, you have to follow some rules!

Here is the Rule (Take Screenshot)

2. Take 10% from the result of 1st Step!
3. Divide the result of 2nd step with 2

Let's take an example, consider the Dasa sandhi of Venus and Moon:

Your Venus's current mahadasha spans for 20 years and the upcoming Moon's mahadasha spans for 10 years.

(Using the above chart you can check the span of maha Dasha)

Using the above rule;

1. Total time span of dashas: 20+10=30
2. The 10% : 10% of 30 = 3
3. Dividing it by 2: 3/2=1.5

So, Venus's mahadasha will start losing its power; 1.5 years before the beginning of Moon's mahadasha that will be 1 year 5 months.

What will happen if you get married in Dasha Sandhi?

1. It can cause health issues (including life-threatening)

2. Conflicts between couples...

3. Couples will face financial issues...

4. Your life will be like a forced relationship!

That's why it's not advisable to marry during this period

BUT What Will Happen if you already did or you want to do? 

Then FOLLOW this:

Just go and ask a professional astrologer about your Kundli. (Because this is your life and you are different and none of any article can tell you what you should do...)

They will surely help you out and there is always a way!

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