[2023] When Will I Get A Job As Per Astrology Prediction

OH God!! When will I get a job? 

Well! Friends, "We all have a purpose; that's why we are born," I think!

Now, You are here to know when will you get a job. 

To be honestthere is no exact method to know about the timing of your job, but there are still some ways to tell you the appropriate timing of your job.

And we all know that Nothing is more than a career and also Small information is risky! So, stay tuned...

In this article, I will share 2 methods through which can find out when will you get a job as per astrology prediction

# Method 1: Through Birth Chart

• Open your Kundli and then look at your Lagna chart (birth-chart)

• Then check; which number is in your 10th house
 (Don't focus on the planet)

For example, 6 number is there; that means your 10th house swami is budh (mercury). Then you have to check its duration in vimshottari Dasha...

Check your number through this chart below: (Take its Screenshot)

1 = Mangal
2 = Shukra
3 = Budh
4 = Chandrama
5 = Surya
6 = Budh
7 = Shukra
8 = Mangal
9 = Guru
10 = Shani
11 = Shani
12 = Guru

• Now! You got your number and its planet

• Open vimshottari dasha chart 

 Then, look at that planet's dasha timing in the upcoming year.
At that time, you can get a JOB

In case, you don't understand...

For example:
"Your number is 6. Then your career planet is budh.
Then after looking at vimshottari Dasha, you saw that after 1 year; your budh dasha will start.
During that period, you'll get a JOB!"

Note: This method is 82% accurate. So, don't be upset if it's not in your favor...

Soon! I'll update this article with method 2 if I found any with the most accurate results!

Till then leave a comment so that I can help you!

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