8th House And Its Effects by Different Planets In Kundli As Per Vedic Astrology

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As you all were requesting me to write an article on the 8th house then here it is...

In this article, I'm going to discuss the effects of the 8th house as per Vedic astrology.

What is the 8th House in Astrology?

  • The 8th House as per astrology indicates bad incidents like accidents because the 9th house represents luck.
  • Every problem, obstacle, and tension in the workplace as well as in life represents by this 8th house.

  • And usually, all the hidden activities both good and bad one are represented by the 8th house. It could be hidden knowledge also.

  • It also represents that wealth which you did not earn and it could be in large amount!


Effects of 8th House in Astrology:

• Any bad habit is the influence of the 8th house.

• Any technical and mechanical work of yours is related to the 8th house.

• The native can face betrays or give betray during the 8th planet's mahadasha.

• But you can easily identify such people in your life because they will manipulate their words a lot!

• You can also get manipulate during that planet's mahadasha.

• Not having trust in someone is the effect of the 8th house

• You'll gather unearned wealth in life.

• Females having a strong 8th house will be more attached to their family.

• If the person is more connected with the 8th house then he/she will remember all the negative things in life that happened in past!

• During fights, such people will set their come back with past incidents to counter someone!

• In males, 8th house is connected with their in-laws

• All those people who struggle a lot in their house that means their 8th house is dominating them!

• Such people can also ask for the dowry that also represents unearned wealth

Effects of Different Planets in 8th house:

If your 8th house is getting aspect of any of these planets or any of these planets is placed in your 8th house. Then, these will be the results you will get.

So! Let's start our discussion:

Sun: Usually! These people tend to hide their real personalities from people. Their relationship with their father may go through with lots of ups and downs. But, they can also get gains from their father. These people will have a good knowledge and interest in occult-related things or science-related stuff. Overall! This placement is good...

Moon: These people care a lot about themselves and their loved ones. They care about others deeply! They want to feel others' pain and help them to heal. These people are very keen to know more about occult-related things. There is a possibility that once in their life; they will face an emotional situation and then they will recover from it with a new mindset of growth. They will have a pure and intense bond with their mother. If the moon is debilitated, then the result may be just the opposite.

Mars: If you have Mars in the 8th house. Then, you have mangal dosh. These people want to face their problems on their own. They can do good in researching, investigating fields, and also the medical field. They can also perform well in the occult field. They may have to face some accidents or injuries in their life. These people should follow a healthy routine. Their voice tone may sound aggressive. You will not have a good bond with your relatives.

Mercury: These people will love to think deeper and deeper. They usually do less talk but whenever they do; they talk with deep meanings. They will also be very curious about the dark side of life and occult-related things. They can also be a very good astrologer. These people can find out what's going on in the mind of someone else. They will be quite secretive in nature.

Jupiter: You will be a spiritual personality and you can be an astrologer also. Jupiter in the 8th house is aspecting the 12th house. So, your expenditure will be in control. This placement is good for foreign travel. There is a chance of gains through property-related things. And also there will be gains through mother. You will have attractive speech skills. Your intuition power is quite high as compared to others!

Venus: These people are found romantic in nature. They believe in creating a deep bond with others. Their desires will be very much high as compared to others. They may have secretive nature in matters of love. They will have an interest in occult-related things. After marriage, they receive good gains from in-laws or their partner will be wealthy. They will surely have a hidden artistic skill and talent in them. They are quite possessive in nature.

Saturn: These people will live longer. Everything that the 8th house represents will work slowly and you have to understand the indications of change. You will also get occult-related knowledge but after the age of 30 or 35. The native may face delays in his/her career. There will be quite restrictions in relations with your father. You will talk less or maybe harshly. After 30, you will get both the name and fame. So, have patience and focus on your work.

Rahu: These people will have a good relationship with their in-laws. These people are too good at holding their secrets or their past. These people are good in the medical field. These people will save a lot of their income. They will get all the stuff which they don't want to get.

Ketu: These people are very much good at astrology. The predictions made by these people are quite accurate. These people love to share their knowledge with others; that's how they get a lot of respect. They don't get affected by the new environment.

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