D60 Chart Pending Desires and How to Read D60 Chart

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In this article, We are going to discuss the D60 chart and its predictions.

First of all, let me give you a short introduction to the D60 chart.

What is D60 Chart?

D60 chart is also called Shashtiamsha Chart in Vedic Astrology and this chart is used to predict your past life and predicting whether it is impacting your current life or not.


This chart is used to predict your past life at an advanced level. Whatever obstacles you face in your life and any opportunity you get are somehow related to your past.

Understanding, the past life can help you in predicting the problems and opportunity you are gonna get it in future!

In short, it tells you about the merits of past life. That's it

Things to keep in mind:

• You must know the accurate timing of your birth.

• Do not look at this chart if you are not sure about your birth timing. Even a 3 minutes gap can change everything!

How to read D60 Chart or Shashtiamsha Chart?

Take both your Birth chart and D60 chart with you!

• If any planet is in the 1st house or if there is any house aspecting the 1st house. It plays a major role!

For example: If any functional and beneficial planet is sitting in the 1st house. That means you did something good in your past life and today! You will get good results from it during its mahadasha.

• If any malefic planet is in the 1st house or aspecting the 1st house then the native will face back problems during its mahadasha.

Again! I'm trying to tell you, in case if you don't understand...

In case, If you don't understand this! Open your D60 chart and look at your Ascendant house means 1st house.

If it has Pisces that means the native was indulged into Peace and spirituality!

Hope! You got my point...

Now! the 12th house in your D60 chart shows your pending desires that you wanted to achieve but you did not get it!

So, you are born to achieve those goals...

For example, You have a scorpion in that. So, you'll be looking for hidden things and hidden knowledge that is kept away from an average person!

Pending Desires From D60 Chart:

1. Look at your 12th house in your 12th house.

2. Then, according to that house sign. You can identify what is your pending desires or karma from a past life.

Now! You have got your 12th house sign from the D60 chart.

Here, you can check your karma below:

Aries: It shows that in you wanted to be free or you can say independent, funny, you wanted to be brave to take risks in life to achieve heights but for some reasons, you were not able to achieve your ambitions. According to my, you should start taking some steps towards your ambitions; so that you can become successful.

Taurus: In your past life, you were not able to fulfill your family's needs and you always had to face some difficulties regarding materialistic things. So, now you are likely attracted towards finance and all. You are trying to work harder here also to fulfill those needs of your family. According to my, you should also spend quality time with them.

Gemini: You were not able to express the feelings that you felt. You were an introverted person. So, now you are becoming a person who likes to express things and you may have an artistic interest.

Cancer: You were detached from your comforts and just because of your workload and responsibilities. You were able to spend quality time with your loved ones. Now! Try to give as much time as possible. Because your loved ones love you more than anything.

Leo: In your past life, you always feel neglected, you were a hardworking person but you never got that much appreciation and attention from people. You wanted to enjoy the best things in life. Most of the time, you were trying to find yourself. But, now you'll express your point of view openly and you'll get compliments for even a small deed. And you will get attracted to the name and fame that you wanted in your previous birth.

Virgo: In your past life, you had to face a lot of obstacles and enemies who always take your life away from your goals. Now! You are the person who likes to organize things whether it is for yourself or for others. You are the person who can bring the best outcome from anything or from anyone.

Libra: In your past life, you faced a lot of people while connecting with them. You had faced a lot of injustice whether it is for yourself or for others. Also, due to your low connection with people you faced a lot of problems regarding your marriage. Now! You'll try to find out that lost love and relationship. You are the person who usually doesn't trust anyone easily. So, sometimes you may find difficulties in finding the right partner.

Scorpio: Your past life was chaos. You were the person who was aware of the different faces of people. Now! You are looking for those answers that are left unanswered for you. Usually! You guys are looking for mysterious knowledge.

Sagittarius: You were a person who had followed his/her beliefs. You were quite keen on God. Now! You can travel a lot to such placed to find wisdom. Basically! You guys are looking for God.

Capricorn: In your past life, you felt that you did not have that much recognition and that right position that you actually deserved. Now! You will be looking for knowledge that can bring you the right status in society.

Aquarius: In your past life, you use to enjoy your own company because you were so intelligent and you had so much maturity that no one can understand. Now! You'll try to go out to such a social gathering and you'll surely impress others with your modern point of view.

Pisces: You had achieved all the things that you wanted to be in your last life. In the end, you were finding happiness. Now! You will be seeking the right happiness. It can be anything whether it is a God or Parents. Anyone!

That's it for today, my friend! Soon... I'll update this article. Till then enjoy!

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