Darakaraka and its Effects on Different houses and Signs

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In this article, I'm going to cover the topic of Darakaraka and Darakaraka in different houses.

What is Darakaraka?

Darakaraka is the planet that has the lowest degree in the birth chart. That planet is called Darakaraka. 

Darakaraka in Different Houses:

Darakaraka in 1st House: Your spouse will be more dedicated towards you and you too will feel attached with him/her.

After marriage, you can say your desires will be fulfilled. Maybe he or she will help you in improving your personality.

Your spouse could help you in your business or he/she may already be indulged in business.

Darakaraka in 2nd House: Your spouse will be very rich. He/she will be very much concerned about families.

He/she may have good knowledge about financial matters.

Darakaraka in 3rd House: Your spouse will be courageous. He/she will be very much brave.

Your spouse can come from the communication and media field. He/She will be very much creative and intelligent.

Darakaraka in 4th House: This shows that after marriage your happiness will doubles.

Or you can say vehicles and luxuries you'll experience after marriage through your spouse.

He/She will bring happiness in your life and mental peace too.

Your spouse will have mother-like nourishment in nature and he/she will be very much caring also. 

Darakaraka in 5th House: There will be a romantic relationship between you and your spouse. Both of you will be more attached to each other.

He/she will be very much creative and his/her profession can be related to art, media, and entertainment.

He/she may earn through speculation. 

Dakara in 6th House: This placement is not so good! Because there will be a problem every time in your married life.

Or your spouse could face health-related issues and spending due to this may increase.

But your spouse will be very much dedicated to work. Or your spouse can also come from your work field.

Darakaraka in 7th house: Your spouse will have good negotiation skills. He/she will surely have some kind of legal skills.

He/She may be involved in business with or without you. He/She will be quite business-minded.

There will be a good understanding between you and your spouse. Your married life will good. He/She will be famous in their work field.

Darakaraka in 8th house: This placement shows a little bit of trouble for married life. Your spouse may be involved in occult-related things.

You will get financial gains from in-laws in such cases. And your spouse can get too...

Darakaraka in 9th house: This placement is very fruitful for your married life. Your spouse will be a lucky charm for you.

Your spouse will believe in religious matters. He/She will be highly educated.

They may be involved in traveling stuff. Sometimes, different cultural backgrounds of spouse seen in such case.

Overall! Your married life will be good and he/she will be very honest with you!

Darakaraka in 10th House: Your future spouse will be very much career-oriented and goal-oriented person. He/She may be involved in the business.

He/She will be very much supportive in nature. He/She will be famous in their work area. Overall! This placement is good...

Darakaraka in 11th House: This placement is also good. Your spouse will be rich. And marriage you can also become rich due to your own efforts and with your spouse's support.

Your spouse may be involved in the stock market. His/Her network circle can be large. There will be a friendship bond between you and your spouse.

Darakaraka in 12th House: This placement shows that your spouse will belong to different cultural background.

He/She may be a foreigner or after marriage, both of you travel to foreign countries.

Your spouse will be interested in religious matters and peace-related things like meditation.

Effects of Darakaraka in Different Signs:

Darakaraka in Aries sign: There will be competitive nature in your spouse. He/She always grave for the top position in their work area.

He/She will be very much goal-oriented. He/She may have an impulsive nature but he/she will be very much energetic and active. 

Darakaraka in Taurus: Your spouse will be very much concerned about wealth, savings, and finance-related things. They may be involved in these things also.

He/She will love food. His/Her will be very practical in nature. Your spouse can be lazy in nature also. That's okay! 

Darakaraka in Gemini: Your spouse will have a youthful and childish nature. He/She is maybe a little bit immature.

He/She will be business-minded. He/She is maybe interested in the education sector. He/She will use it to gather information from the internet. 

Darakaraka in Cancer: Your spouse will be a little bit emotional in nature. He/She will have a caring nature and mother-like nourishment.

He/She may be very home-oriented. He/She may always be involved in home functions and all.

Darakaraka in Leo: Your spouse will have a royal nature. He/She will love to hear good things about themselves a lot as compared to others!

Your spouse will be helpful in nature. He/She will be a big-hearted person. He/She may have a connection with government authorities.

Darakaraka in Virgo: Your spouse will be a very logical person. He/She will be very much intelligent.

He/She may be a good mathematician. He/She may be involved in the IT profession. He/She will love to do work in a perfect manner.

Darakaraka in Libra: Your spouse's nature will be quite balanced. He/She wants equality in relationships. He/She will have a good knowledge of finance.

He/She may love to involve with others. He/She will perform very well in business with or without partnership...

Darakaraka in Scorpio: Your spouse will be secretive in nature. His/Her nature will be intense or possessive in a relationship.

His/Her willpower will be very strong. He/She will never afraid to confront challenges in their life.

Darakaraka in Sagittarius: Your spouse will be very knowledgeable. He/she may be involved in religious and education areas.

He/She will love to travel to religious places and he/she can be from a different cultural background. He/She will be very lucky for you!

Darakaraka in Capricorn: He/She will be very much career-oriented. He/She is maybe very serious about life and practical in nature.

He/She will do their work in an organized way. He/She will be ambitious in nature.

Darakaraka in Aquarius: Your spouse will believe in social and Charity work. He/She will love to spend their time with friends.

Your spouse will have a friendship bond with you. He/She can be very romantic in nature.

Darakaraka in Pisces: Your spouse will be a very spiritual and emotional person. He/She may believe in spirituality and meditation a lot.

Your spouse may love to visit watery areas. You may travel to foreign countries after marriage.

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