Easy Method For Marriage Timing Prediction as per Astrology

Hey! Everyone. In this article, we are going to discuss how to predict marriage timing as per astrology.

In this article, to predict the timing of your marriage; you have to use Navamsha Chart or D9 Chart and the 7th house.

So, let's start with our topic.

1. First of all, Open your Navamasha Chart.

2. Then, look at your 7th House number. That number will have their own lord.

For example, 7 Number lord is Venus.

3. Then, note down your 7th Lord. And go through these points and anyone one of them can be useful to indicate when Will you get married.

And after that, You will never have to ask anyone about your marriage timing. Be Independent!

So, let' start with our major points:

1. During mahadasha of your 7th house lord. You can get married. In this case, there are high chances of getting married.

2. If you are going through Lagna lord's Mahadasha and 7th Lord's antardasha. You can get married at that time also.

3. If you are going through Lagna Lord's dasha and Venus Antardasha. Then, at that time you can also get married

4. Now, if you are going through Jupiter's Mahadasha and Lagna Lord's mahadasha. Then, there are also some good chances of getting married.

5. If you are going through Dasha of 7th Lord and Antardasha of Lagna Lord. Then, you can get also expect your marriage.

6. During the dasha of planets placed in the 7th house and 1st house also shows a good period of getting married.

Friends! As per our experience. Every marriage happened during one of these periods. If you got what we taught you. Then, you know enough.

So, guys. These were those major points that show us everyone's marriage timing. If you are having any doubt or anything else. Comment down below.

Till then! Thank You for Reading!

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