Ketu and Your Past Life Connections: Vedic Astrology

Hey! So, you want to know what Ketu shows about your past life connections and we can say events.

Ketu and Past Life Connections:

If Ketu is placed with any planet. Then, it shows that you have a past life connection with those things represented by that planet. And then, you will start detaching from it. That's what Ketu is showing about your past life.

For example: If you have Ketu with Mars. Then, I've saw that in most of the cases. The native was involved in the engineering or police-related jobs. Then, they starts doing something else and they've got success.

I can't disclose anyone's name but that is the fact that I'm sharing here.

And same as if you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, rahu sitting with saturn tells you that in your past birth you were not able to achieve those things but in this birth you'll work for it.

For example: If you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, you can be a jailer or stock broker also. In short, all the professions related to that planet that is placed with Rahu.

Ketu alone in house about past life connection:

So, if you have Ketu alone in your birth chart. Then, it tells us that in the beginning you will a good attachment with those things that is represented by that planet. But, slowly-slowly you will start getting detached from it. This will happen if you have Ketu alone in any house and in your past life you had a good connection with those things.

For example, If you have Ketu in your 11th house. Then, the native will make a lot of wealth but then they will start detaching themselves from those things and same as with elder siblings.

It basically, shows that the native had a lot of wealth in his/her past life and in this life. He/She will gonna get that too but soon detached themselves from it.

That's it for Ketu and past life connections my friend. See you soon!
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