Mars-Ketu Conjunction: Expectations vs Reality

Well! My friends... So, you have Mars-Ketu Conjunction in your horoscope and you are afraid of how it will impact your life. Then, you should research deeper maybe it is not that much worse for you.

What is Mars-Ketu Conjunction?

Mars-Ketu conjunction is considered a malefic conjunction. But, their conjunction is good if it is happening in some signs and in some houses. For example, If you have Mars Ketu conjunction in Scorpio sign where Mars-Ketu gets exalted. Then, it will give quite good results.

So, if you have this conjunction within 15°. Then, you will be very good at dominating others. These are the people that can become a very good lawyer, surgeons, and army officers too!

It is also seen that if you have this conjunction in certain houses. Then, these people also get involved in the IT field.

Mars-Ketu Conjunction through Houses:

Mars-Ketu in 1st House: These people will do their work with a lot of hard work and the native will try to stay away from lies. These are the people that can become a good navy officer or get involved in civil services also.

This Mars-Ketu Conjunction will play a big role in your life. Mars feels comfortable in 1st house. So, both of them will give you fantastic results.

But, if your Ketu is stronger than Mars. Then, it can make you cheat others. But, the Jupiter aspect can fix this. But, Jupiter should be in a good position in your chart.

Mars-Ketu in 2nd House: Your relationship with your family will suffer. This will harm your communication manner. These people don't think much before disrespecting others.

These people may live far away from their families. Their job or business will somehow be linked with foreign places.

So, you have to control your savings and think twice before you speak something to others or try to stay silent.

Mars-Ketu in 3rd House: These people will have good communication skills. Your work will somehow be related to the internet. This conjunction will bring a lot of courage to you.

These people will put their efforts to fix their problems and achieve their goals. These people will have a good physique and long-short journey will happen including foreign journeys.

Mars-Ketu in 4th House: Relations with your mother will not be so good. The health of your mother might get affected so often. It will disturb your peace of mind obviously.

But, if you have Jupiter aspect on it. Then, it will reduce these malefic effects. And don't worry that much because results like this will be seen in their dasha/antardasha.

Mars-Ketu in 5th House: These people will get good results in their education, sports field, and entertainment. These people will earn a lot of money through their education.

You may get involved in love affairs but it will not get successful.

Mars-Ketu in 6th House: Your enemies will not able to harm you or defeat you. You will never get into legal fights but you may face some problems regarding health.

You can become a good doctor as well!

Mars-Ketu in 7th House: Your married life will suffer. And even there are some possibilities that you will marry twice. Your life partner will be very dominating in nature, or maybe your life partner's health will not be so good.

My advice is to just try to understand what your spouse wants to say. Just don't blow on your spouse; it will harm your relation.

Mars-Ketu in 8th House: Those who are in the research field, astrologer, or spiritual guru. Then, this conjunction will bring them good results.

You may have to face problems like accidents. You may get an operation regarding the stomach or backbone.

Mars-Ketu in 9th House: You will surely get settled in a foreign land. This conjunction will take you far away from your birth land. You will believe in your religion and respect your father a lot. You can get success in a foreign land for sure.

Mars-Ketu in 10th House: This is one of the best placement for Mars-Ketu to be in. You can go for army, navy or civil services. You will do something good for country defense. You can also get awards from the government. These people usually do government jobs and make a lot of money. They always have their father's blessing with them.

Mars-Ketu in 11th House: This is a strong placement for Mars and Ketu. The native will earn a lot of money through his/her friend circle. The native will have good respect in his/her circle. You may have multiple sources of income. During any of this dasha, you will get huge success and your desires will be fulfilled.

Mars-Ketu in 12th House: This conjunction will bring you many good results and make you travel or settle in a foreign land. These people will get respect and money from a foreign land. If you have any registered company in foreign. Then, it will bring you good results.

Mars-Ketu conjunction works very well in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th or 12th house. The native will rise in their life in terms of wealth and respect and foreign settlements too!

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