Upapada Lagna | Spouse Nature,Effects and Relationship Prediction By Vedic Astrology in 2023

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In this article, I'll tell you how you can find out the characteristics of your spouse with Upapada Lagna in an easy manner.

So, it would be easier for everyone to understand.

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How to calculate Upapada lagna ?

Friends! This the part where most of the people lose their interest in some articles.

But I guarantee you that if you stick with this one then you'll get your answers otherwise comment sections is below

• First of all, look at your 12th house. (Hope! You did)

• Then, look at which number is there.

• Then, find the lord of that number. For example: If there is "4" then its lord would be "Moon" (Hope! You got!

• Now, find out where is your moon placed in your birth chart. 

• Now, you have to count how much far that lord planet is from the 12th house. (I'll help you if you can't able to do that... Just comment below)

• For example, It is 10 houses away!

• Then, count 10 houses more forward... (Include that 10th one)

• Once you reached, then again go to the next 10 houses.

• Now, you have reached a house that house is of Upapada Lagna.

Now! Create your upapada lagna chart...

How to create your Upapada Lagna chart?

1. Create your birth chart and find your Upapada Lagna house and that number that is placed in it.

2. Now, draw another chart with an empty box

3. Then, write that number in 1st house and then continue the series as you can see in the picture.

4. Congrats! You've successfully created your Upapada Lagna Chart.

For example: In my case, I've got 3 numbers which are of Gemini whose lord is mercury.

And it is placed in the 7th house in my UL chart and with 9 numbers which are of Sagittarius whose lord is Jupiter. (Mercury in Jupiter sign)


As they are in friendly sign, that means it will lead to a good married life.

But if the planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are placed with their enemy sign or enemy number. For example, Saturn is placed with the 7th number whose lord is Moon. Then this will not lead to a good married life.

And also if the lord of the 2nd house in the UL chart is placed in 6, 8, or 12th house, it will not soo good.

Nature of Spouse By Upapada Lagna:

You can easily analyze the nature of your spouse through Upapada Lagna

All you have to just: 

1. Find your Upapada Lagna.

2. Then, look at the zodiac number like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

3. Find out who is the lord of that zodiac. 

For example, Pisces's lord is Jupiter
Then, your spouse's nature and traits will be like the Jupiter ascendant person.

And if there is any other planet with your Moon also. Then, that planet's traits will also be considered. 

Confirm Marriage By Upapada Lagna:

  • If the lord of Upapada Lagna is strong in your chart. Then, you'll get married to the person you date and it will be long-lasting.
  • Strong upapada Lagna means your Upapada Lagna planet should be well-placed with benefic zodiac signs. And should not conjunct with malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. 

Sustainability of Relationship Through Upapada Lagna:

  • Look at the next house from Uapapda Lagna house through the chart of UL that you created earlier.
  • You can also call it 2nd house from Upapada Lagna house. 
  • If there are Benefic planets like Ketu, Sun, and Jupiter. Then everything will be fine in your relationship. 
  • If there are malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, or Saturn. Then you'll face some difficulties in your married life. 
  • If the Upapada lord lies in the 6th, 8th, or 12th in the UL chart. Then, it will be considered as weak Upapada Lagna.
  • You can also judge your married life through Navamsha Chart's Upapada Lagna.

Effects of Upapada Lagna:

1. Position of your Upapada Lagna lord must be positive. It should not be placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. Otherwise, it will bring problems regarding marriage. 

It does not mean that everything will go wrong in your life. If the lord of Upapada Lagna is conjucting with a friendly planet or it has a good zodiac sign. Then the malefic results will get neutralize.

2. You can predict the personality of your spouse through the Upapada Lagna planet. Or if there is no planet; then look for the lord. Simple! 

If there is:

Sun: Your life partner will be loyal and dedicated towards his/her goal.

Moon: Your life partner will be emotional and will like to help others!

Mars: Your life partner may have ego and anger more than others.

Mercury: Your life partner will be intelligent in financial matters and he/she will have good communication skills.

Jupiter: Your life partner will be a good advisor and will believe in religions.

Venus: Your life partner will be creative and artistic. He/she will be more inclined towards music, dance, and poetry.

Saturn: Your life partner will quite serious in nature. He/she will try to avoid others!

Rahu: Your life partner will quite secretive and he/she could be a foreigner.

Ketu: Your life partner will not care about society and all.

3. Conjunction of Upapada Lagna lord with Planets. You can predict the family background and interest of your spouse. By just looking at the conjucting planet.

4. Analyze the 2nd House from Upapada Lagna. If there is the placement of a Negative house. Then it will harm your married life. 

5. You can also predict your married life by using Navamasha Chart. But, If you have some bad results in Lagna Chart, Upapada Lagna Chart, and also in Navamsha Chart. 

Then it can affect your married life. But remember even a good sign or good planet conjunction can fix everything. So, keep these things in mind before going to any conclusion. And you can also ask me for help!

That's it

FAQ For Upapada Lagna:

Q1:What is Upapada Lagna?

Ans: Upapada Lagna is a chart that can be created by your Lagna Chart or Navamsha Chart's 12th house. This chart is used to predict the married life and spouse's personality and family background.

Q2. How is Second Upapada Lagna calculated?

Ans: First of all, create your Upapada Lagna chart and then put all the houses and planets according to it. The very next house from Upapada Lagna house will be your Second Upapada Lagna. This is the way to calculate Upapada Lagna.

Q3. How accurate is Upapada Lagna?

Ans: Upapada Lagna is a good way to predict about spouse's personality, family, and married life. And this is quite accurate as per most of the astrologers' experience. But this is not the only way to predict your spouse.
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