Virgottama Planets and Their Effects in Vedic Astrology

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Virgottama planets mean having a planet in the same sign in both D1 (Birth Chart) and D9 (Navmasha Chart).

For example: In the birth chart, you have the Moon with the 12th sign which is of Pisces and In your navamsa chart, the Moon is also with the 12th sign. 

=> If you have positive planets like Virgottama planets like Moon or Mercury. Then they will give you extra positive and good results according to their houses.

=> If you have negative planets like Rahu or Ketu, then it will also give you good results. Don't Worry!

Now! You have got your Virgottama Planets with you...

Let's check its benefits differently:

Special Benefits of Virgottamama Planets:

In this method, you have to check that planet's sign number first!

Then, you can continue with this article.

For example, Virgottama Moon in 12 means Pisces,, and so on...

=> If you have 1,5 or 9th sign, then during that planet's dasha you'll be inclined to religious matter and you'll start thinking broader... so that in future you'll start working for a good life.

=> If you have 2,6 or 10th sign then, during that planet's dasha you can gain wealth. In a simple language, you'll gain wealth whatever work you do or the efforts you put. Does not matter!

=> If you have 3,7 or 11th sign then, during that planet's dasha just because of your knowledge you will gain wealth, and also if you are planning for something to execute then this will be the time...

=> If you have the 4,8 or 12th sign then, during that planet's dasha the native will be inclined towards spirituality and his/her thoughts will be appreciable...

My friends... You also have to check in which houses these planets are placed; then they can give you exact results according to them

Debilitated Combinations Of Virgottama Planets:

Sun in Libra Sign, Moon in Scorpio Sign, Mercury in Pisces Sign, Venus in Virgo Sign, Mars in Cancer Sign, Jupiter in Capricorn Sign, Saturn in Aries Sign, Rahu in Scorpio Sign, Ketu in Taurus Sign.

If you have your Virgottama Planets in any of these signs with their respective. Then, it will be Debilitated.

Effects of Virgottama Planets in Kundli:

Ascendant: If your Virgottama Planet is in Ascendant sign. Then, you are very lucky. Because this placement is quite rare. These people are very much loyal towards their goal and they have a good focus on it. It will take you time to find out your goal but once you find it. You will put all your focus and energy towards it. And you'll definitely achieve it.

Sun: You will be mentally and physically strong. You will have the courage to not give up. You will never let your dreams let go because you'll do hard work to accomplish your goals. These people are usually extroverts and they have the personality to lead others!

Moon: You can have your full focus towards your goal. These people are usually very much strong from their minds. They can even handle their emotions. These people like to nourish other people. You'll know how to react to tough situations.

Mercury: You will have the power of attractive speech and communication skills. People will love to hear you. You may have your own audience who listens to you. You can be a good advisor also. You will get success regarding all the professions that Mercury holds. These people will have high intelligence as compared to others! You will be a good leader that everyone needs the most.

Venus: These people can attract others by nature. You will enjoy luxury and wealth if you did not have Virgottama Venus in the 6th, 8th,, or 12th house. During, Venus mahadasha you will recover from your health issues. You will have the ability to do what you want to do. But, if it's affected by any malefic planet. Then, laziness can be seen in person.

Mars: You will be physically strong and talented as well. You can perform very well in sports and army officers' jobs. You will basically, have a lot of courage than others. You can do most of the tasks that are related to physical activities. It does not matter whether you have Virgottama Mars in the 6th, 8th,, or 12th house. You'll always have that courage

Jupiter: You are literally blessed with this Virgottama Planet. These people are interested in gaining wisdom and sharing it with others. Usually! They attain wisdom through their mentor and gurus. These people will be inclined towards spirituality and stability in mind. You'll be strong enough to go through hard times and learn from them. If you face any obstacles in any field more than it should be. Then, you might be on the wrong track.

Saturn: You will become successful by going through hard times and learning from them. Saturn rewards the person for having patience. If you have Saturn as Virgottama Planet. Then, you may get involved in wrong deeds but the sooner you realize the better it will be for you.

Rahu: You guys are quite creative to find solutions whenever you are stuck in your life. You are willing to take risks in your life. Sometimes, you may think about shortcuts and they will not be fruitful. So, the concept is simple. Don't go with such ways... Such shortcuts will lead you into trouble and you might face problems; it can be on a big scale or on a small one too.

Ketu: In this Virgottama Planet, You may think about separation from society but it's totally upto you what you want to do. You will be inclined towards spirituality. But, once you are totally inclined towards spirituality; you will start gaining things. These people will have an interest in scientific things and maths too...

Soon! I'll update this article with Virgottam Planets and its Benefits.

Well! Friends, if you have a malefic planet as a Virgottama then this does not mean that its power will get doubled in its dasha period. Nope!

Actually, its negative impact will get decreased and it will also give its good result... 

Thank You!

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