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7th House Placement in Different Signs

In this method, all you have to just to just look at the sign in which your 7th house lord is placed. That's it. That will give you hint about your spouse's characteristics around 80%. And you can apply this on any couple's chart whome you want to study by yourself. So, let's start with out topic: 7th Lord Placement Through Signs: Aries:- Then, your spouse will have medium height and their complexion can be wheatish or brown. He or she will have anger issues and will have athletic body figure. He or she will be very caring and loving towards you. He or she will have a deep voice. Taurus: They are mostly found to be short height person. He or she will have medium complexion. He or She can have a healthy body. He or She will be very focused towards their goal and will be creative as well. Gemini: Your spouse will have medium or tall height. Your spouse will have attractive eyes as well. He or She will have wheatish complexion and will be slim also. He or Sh

Tara Lagna Calculator | How To Calculate Tara Lagna in 2 Minutes

Welcome Everyone! In Order to calculate your Tara Lagna Accurately. Please Follow these steps carefully through REAL LIFE MILLIONARE Example: Calculate Your Tara Lagna Calculate Your Tara Lagna First, Enter the degree and minutes of Moon and Secondly, enter the starting degree of Moon's Nakshatra: Whatever Result You get Like 5.8 or 5.4 or anything like that. That means, You have to count 5 Houses away from Lagna. That Will Be your 6th House. It will be your TARA LAGNA. Moon's Degree: Minute: Moon's Nakshatra Degree: Minute: Calculate My Tara Lagna Follow these steps For Better Understanding: Step 1: Find Out Moon's Degree through AstroSage website or App. For example, In the above Chart. Moon's Degree is 12 and Minute is 01. (not 1. it's 01) 2. Then, Note Down your Moon Nakshatra. In the above chart, the nakshatra of the native's MOON is Magha. 3. Now! Note down the starting degree of Your Nakshatra From Below List: Ashwini