Ketu Mahadasha Results in Various Charts

In this article, we will discuss about Ketu Mahadasha effects/results of people who are going through it or have experienced it already.

Hope! You will enjoy this article.

Note: I'm not making up these placements and experiences of people. I also have Proof, I can show you the real message that they send me if you have aby doubt. Otherwise you can learn from this placements and blend it in charts.

Ketu Mahadasha:

Start behaving like you have to give out everything.

You don't have to run after anything like collecting things.
whatever is coming to you accept it if things are going away accept it.

Even in job if your boss is not giving you a promotion or a hike accept it.

So ketu is all about giving out.

If u are aligned to thia concept yes ketu md is very very good..


Ketu- Ketu: is something when you will be like just moving from Mercury to Ketu, you will start observing changes in your thought process.

Ketu Rahu : is one of the antardasha when Ketu will give you what you needed in your life. (Whatever was your desire (Ketu is sitting)) You will yourself feel like that yes u got it what you were striving for.

Ketu Jupiter : ( This is one othe dasha when you will be forced to take a decision based upon your faith/trust. you will feel like that yes let's do it. Like leaving a job trusting your gut feeling that you will get it back.

Ketu Saturn: One of the second last dasha which lasts for an year and most difficult dasha.
you will have to learn something new. by this time most of the people have left their jobs/ transfer in job/ new profile in job
Astrology learning / as saturn is to do lot of hardwarok so wyou will dedicatedly work toward learning that new job responsbiility/ joining a phd course/ joining a degree college.

Ketu Mercury:
you will think that now as Mercury has come so now things will subside but everything will be like same to same.
one of the things you will do in Ketu Mercury is writing . Writing is must for ketu mercury to end . you will end up writing a book/ Theisis of PhD, blogs, That is one of the item that has to be fulfilled.

Another thing which has been seen is
your dedication toward your religion,

Most of the people will be inclined to Shri Krishna , Hearing Gita , watching Krishna , you will end up setting up Ganesh ji in house during Ganesh chaturthi. These are some of the items which will happen automatically.

Suppose Venus is in 9th house and u r going through Ketu/Venus get ready for loss of job . Technique is to the see the next house where the planet is sitting whose antardasha is going on. you will have to lose that particular item.

My suggestion to people who are in their 25 and going through this tansformation till 31. IT is one of the worst timing as a person loses interest in everything. If your child is running this dasha. So the best thing is to support him by letting him/her know that what this Dasha wants and how he/she can get ready to face it.

Experiences of Peoples During Ketu Time Period:

Note: I'm not sharing some people's ketu house lord placement because I want you guys to look at only sign and house placement. And extract whatever you can.

Person 1: I'm enjoying the ketu MD. (His Lagna have Ketu in Pisces, He is doing profesionally good and completely into god activities)

Person 2: ketu in lagna in pisces, ketu md running, now in foreign, living the actual life.

Person 3: Yes, I do have. It was the bestest dasa in my life I had no career stability, hence my finances were very bad, even my relationship with parents. husband, family, was very bad until ketu. after the first Ketu antradasa, I started getting career stability, finances improved and relationships aso improved. I even bought land, gold, new vehicle, and much more in this dasa. (Her Ketu is in 3rd House in Gemini Sign)

Person 4: Ketu dasha is on. Ketu - Mercury dasha chiddra, ending on 18th august

Ketu is exalted in sagittarius in 8th house in purva ashada

Its aspected by 5th house mars.

I got major inheritance

I got recognition not only in india but other countries also as a poet, orator

I learnt astrology and got into saadhna

I found a partner who takes good care of me

Yes. I have become isolated but i am happier with less background clatter. I have become fat but with upcoming lagna lord dasha of venus, i am sure i ll lose that weight.

Person 5:
Ketu mahadasha was my best dasha too.. Ketu in pisces 9th house..But when it was about to end it gave me bairagya (i was in 7th standard back then) bairagya from everything.. I used to do puja path at that age too. So i was detached from even god, education and everything i was supposed to do at that time.. The last year of my ketu mahadasha was be like- i dont want to do anything.. 🙄 it was very weird.. Thn after one year when venus mahadsha came my struggling days started..

Person 6: brother has ketu with saturn in gemini lagna..since the dasa started first he had a profession change and then sudden bhagyodhay,saturn being the 9th lord. He does trading(gemini).

Person 7:
At now running im not sure whether it's mahadasha or not but

I feel like I wanted to achieve earn name fame.

That's it. Only these people whome I know have shared there experiences. Hope! You will found this helpful.

Last One is For You Guys. You have to predict in what sign or house her Ketu is Placed.

Till then bye bye...


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