Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Results of Various Placements


In this article, we will discuss about RAHU Mahadasha and its Effects & Results when it is placed in various sitations in your Birth Chart or Moon Chart!

Rahu Mahadasha

Welcome To The Territory of Rahu!!

rahu mahadasha

Rahu: Hi! I'm Rahu, And I'm Hungry. 

All I Want To Achieve is Bigger in Life Whether it is about Wealth or Disease.

The Only Problem I Have:

I Always Have To Follow Any of the God From Mars (Aries) To Jupiter (Pisces)... 

I cannot act without them.

Let's Talk in Perspective of Your Birth Chart...

If I (Rahu) is Placed in Aries Sign. Then, I'll give you fruits related to that House; I'm placed in and the Planet Mars (the sign in which mars is placed and house as well.)

I Love When People Freak Out From My NAME!!

I Love the fear, I see in there eyes when they see me in their 7th House, 1st House or 10th House.

Those who love ME, I give them tremendous amount of wealth, prosperity and fame whatever you desire for in Kalyuga!

To know more about me, just wait for my transit and dasha. 

Thank You Everyone!

If you liked the narration, please let me know in the comments and meanwhile allow me to share some experiences of those people who were going through RAHU DASHA.

It can be exciting to read and learn from their placements.

Person 1: Ist house lagna aries rahu sitting dere ..painful period in rahu mahadasha. (Her Mars is Placed in 9th House, She didn't shared much about what painful experiences she was talking about. So, I'm leaving this onto you)

Person 2: Yes. One of my friend has rahu in twelth house in Aries and currently his rahu mahadasha is going on. He has earned lacks of rupees and purchased farm and so on. (His Mars is Placed in 11th House with Venus in Conjunction and He made lakhs of rupees via Real Estate business)

Person 3: Yes my self. I m undergoing rahu mahadasha since March 2016. My court case got resolved. My old property sold. Now under rahu md and Saturn ad. Going on smoothly till now. (His Rahu is in 2nd House, he is a leo ascendant. His Mercury is Placed in 12th House and the person do prayers daily)

Person 4: Yes my rahu dasha was amazing, I Excelled every exam then, rahu in 2nd hours in saggitarius sign. (Her Jupiter is Placed in 10th House)

Person 5: Rahu in Gemini Ascendant. MD is running and creating confusions. (Sun, Mo, Mer (AK) in 8House)

Person 6: My ongoing rahu disha is excellent it is so amazing i got peace of mind which i was longing for the last 25 years.My rahu is in 5 H in Capricorn and Saturn in 9 H retro. (Her Venus is Placed in 6th House)

Person 7: Ongoing Rahu MD, shifted abroad,went through surgery, insult,loneliness I'm not liking this. Rahu in ninth house in Leo for Sagittarius ascendant.

Person 8: Started rahu MD 2 years back. Changed place, got a job that I was trying for last few years, lot of travel, away from family, so mix of good and bad for me. Rahu in Taurus in 12th house. Gemini ascendant.

Person 9: I am cancer ascendant and rahu in 7th house in Capricorn in shravan Nakshatra,rahu MD started in 2018 currently rahu MD and Saturn AD. Till now not so good.

Person 10: I have had mixed results. But mostly good.

I went abroad almost every year.

I had short trips every month somewhere or the other within India.

Massive income....my expenses matched my income 😂

No health issues.

Unexpected gifts... A lot of them.

Sudden fame.

I qualified state level swimming and track sports.

My relationships were very shitty.

I was not able to save much money.

I have Rahu in 12th libra conjunct Jupiter, Sun , Venus and mercury.

Person 11: Rahu in 8th house.. mixed result.. Rahu ki mahadsha main bete ka birth, first car, first earning, visit 5 jyotirlinga and many more religious place.. Astrology ke prati ruchi paida hui.. par sabse jyada confused hun... cancer ascendant. (She is confused but liking towards God increased.) (HER Son is born in Rahu MD, First Car, First Earning, Travelled in many religios places, Interest towards astrology, She is Cancer Ascendant)

Person 12: Running Rahu MD since 2012. Too many ups and downs till Ra-Sa. Once Ra-Me started from 2021, finally can say that it’s going good so far. Rahu in 5th house in Sagittarius.

Person 13: One guy i knw has very good rahu dasha he is currently going though rahu-moon dasha …. Rahu is placed in 2 nd house with jupiter and venus is sitting in 1 st house i just wonder how can rahu dasha be so good for a person …. He is hell talented at faking things …..appears very proffessional( act and talk like one ) potraying himself as if he knows and then when required playing victim card these are peculiar features i have noticed in him.

Person 14: In Capricorn. Good dasha.


Some people haven't shared their Rahu sign lord placement in their birth chart but one thing most of them have shared is in what house it is placed. 

And if you know about the house nature and the sign nature then you can understand why such things happened to them even by just looking at their RAHU Placement.

Hope! You liked this article and My Efforts. If Yes! Then, Share Your Experiences of Any Rahu, Ketu or Saturn Mahadasha result you got with their placements.


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