(100% Accurate) When Will You Get A Job as per Astrology Through Transit Basics


Hello! Everyone. In this blog post, I'll share some transit idea that will help you know when you can get a Job. We will also discuss about transit basics for beginners. So, if you don't understand transit. You can read and understand this article.😊

When Will You Get a Job as Per astrology:

In order to find out the timing of your Job. You have to understand and keep fee things with you while reading this article.😊

1. Birth Chart.

2. Moon Chart.

3. Current Transit

4. Note down your Current Dasha, Antardasha and Pryanatar Dasha you are going through.

Now! Let's start with Our Topic:

1. First of all, open your Birth Chart and note down the name of your 10th House Lord and it's placement in your horoscope.

2.  Same goes with the Moon Chart. Just Note down name and placement of Your 10th House Lord.😊

3. Now! Keep Your Transit Chart with You.

4. Now! Check whenever your 10th House lord transit in trine houses of Saturn that will be the time when you will get the Job.😊

Or You can also look this in another way. Whenever transit saturn pass through the natal saturn then you will get the job or transit saturn pass over your 10th Lord or your 10th Lord transit over natal 10th Lord or in trines with it.

Let's take an Example:😊

You are a Virgo Ascendant. Your 10th Lord is Mercury and it is placed in the 4th House.

And Your Natal Saturn is Placed in the 9th House.

Now! Open Your Transit chart of Virgo ascendant people.😊

And the saturn in the transit chart is placed in 5th House. Then, it is in trine connection that is (1,5,9) connection with saturn who was placed in your 9th house in the natal chart.

Let's take another example,💐

This Time Transit of Mercury (your 10th lord) is making trine connection with natal saturn then you will get a job.

Like, Mercury is in the 5th House in Transit Chart and marking trine connection with Your Saturn then 110%  You will get a Job at that time period.😊👌

Remember, You must be going through the dasha, antardasha or pryanatardasha of 10th lord or saturn at that moment.

Congratulations! You understood the Transit!

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