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7th Lord in Different Nakshatra | Spouse True Nature

Hey! Everyone... In this article, we are going to discuss about your spouse through your 7th lord nakshatra. Because nakshatra can explain more in detail about Your spouse accurately.

7th lord nakshatras tells a lot about the nature of your spouse, his/her behaviour, thier nature towards others and what would be thier expectations and desires from you.

So, let's get started:

7th Lord in Different Nakshatra | Spouse Nakshatra

7th Lord in Different Nakshatra | Spouse:

1. 7th lord in Ashwini Nakshatra: Your spouse will have a Light hearted nature with a sense of childish humour, he/she will be a fearless individual with an ability to think spontaneous and they will know how to execute and expand a plan. he/she will be a good listener with a exploring curious mind. 

2. 7th lord in Bharani Nakshatra: Your spouse could be a freedom loving person, a person who believes in inpendence and also have very creative mind. They know how to bear responsibilities and can also bear pressure without affecting thier performance. They could also have some materialistic desires.

3. 7th lord in Krritika Nakshatra: Your spouse can be a intelligent and a very intellactual person. They are very straight forward. They will also be courageous,energetic individual with leadership qualities.

4. 7th lord in Rohini Nakshatra: Your spouse will be attractive and also have a charismatic personality with an ability to influence others. They can be artistic,sensual and romantic.

5. 7th lord in Mrigashira Nakshatra: Your spouse will be energetic,highly courageous and a persistent towards thier goals. They have a caring and nurturing behaviour. They may also have interest in research,inevtigation/interrogation. They also have a good understanding with complex situations/problems.

6. 7th Lord in Ardra Nakshatra: Your spouse can be extremely intelligent. they may also have a fickle nature. They may have a background in athletics. they may have a clever thinking which makes them a business understanding person.

7. 7th lord in Purnavasu Nakshatra: Your spouse will gain success but after one or two failures. They may also feel very low sometimes but thier grind will pay off in a positive way someday. A lot of learnings are laid on thier path and due to so much learnings they can easily motivate others with thier presence.

8. 7th lord in Pushya Nakshatra: Your spouse will be a patient,humanitarian,relegious person and a very good nature person with a kind heart. They care about thier family members and wellwishers.

9. 7th lord in Ashlesha Nakshatra: Your spouse will have good wealth and will also be an intelligent person. they will also get involved in business and analysis. There is a possibility that they can be your business partner. he/she could be a very protective person who cares about their family.

10. 7th lord in Magha Nakshatra: Your spouse will have natural leadership qualities. Your spouse will love to live independent. Means on their own terms. he/she will be a very good parent. They will also have strong religeious beleifs. They may have some crestive feild. you may also have a past life connection with your spouse. Your spouse may have some little ego which can be easily controlled by your help and understanding.

11. 7th lord in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Your spouse will definitely have some creative skills or may have connections with creative fields. he/she will be very kind hearted person too. They love to help others. They may have some interest in politics. The success awaits in their path which can be acheived with hard work and patience.

12. 7th lord in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Your spouse will have natural leadership qualities. Your spouse will be a soft hearted person and he or she will always wants to help others. Your spouse also loves to be appreciated by others. They are very career oriented and a focused individual. They have a very practical approach in life. They dont like to be alone, so you have to make sure to keep an understanding and communication.

13. 7th Lord in Hasta Nakshatra: Your spouse will be emotional in nature. they will be very beautiful and acharismatic personality. Your spouse will be good at cooking and may also have high feminine energy.he/she will be an intelligent person with a sense of empathy which can heal others.

14. 7th Lord in Chitra Nakshatra: Your spouse will be beautiful,energetic,excited and may also be aggressive sometimes. Your spouse will have a lot of courage in them. they can also be in feild of creativity like designing and architecture. he/she will be a logical and analytical person. They like to work in  organised way.

15. 7th lord in Swati Nakshatra: Your spouse will surley have magnetic charm. Your spouse will be a attractive personality. Your spouse will have good ability to adjust themselves according to the situation. they love travelling. they also likes to maintain balance in personal and professionnal life. They believe in equality in a relationship. Thier dressing sense will be influential. They have a diplomatic nature.  

16. 7th Lord in Vishaka Nakshatra: Your spouse will be a courageous and goal oriented person. They have a strong will power. They can show guidance to others. They will have a strong and confident personality with a sense of honesty.

17. 7th Lord in Anuradha Nakshatra: Your spouse will be bedevoted to you. They will have a strong love connection with you and they will fullt love you without any condition. he/she may have interest in astrology. Your parter may be from a foreign land. On a scale of Attractiveness your partner will be very attractive. First you have to be thier Good friend then your married life will be fantastic. People may get jealous from you because of such good spouse. 

18. 7th Lord in Jyestha Nakshatra: Your spouse will have a mature nature. Your spouse may have interest in secret knowledge things like occult and astrology. Your spouse may have leadership qualities with a strong personality. They have a very good health which they have earned with their hardwork. They care about their image in society.

19. 7th Lord in Moola Nakshatra: Your spouse will have Awesome will power. Your spouse will be very optimistic by nature. Your spouse will have interest in research related stuff. Your spouse will have spiritual and philosophical mind.They dont like to be lied or cheated. They will somehow finnd the truth with thier intelligent mind.

20. 7th Lord in Purva Ashadha: Your spouse will love to take risks and will be very intelligent as well. Your spouse will have creative and artistic nature. They have a desire to get popularity and fame. They will be materialistic and optimistic person.

21. 7th Lord in Uttara Ashadha: Your spouse will surely have good leadership qualities in them. Your spouse will be helping in nature and will be very kind hearted person also seen here. Your spouse will have good will power also. They may face struggle in thier intial life but success is guaranteed later.

22. 7th Lord in Sravana Nakshatra: Your spouse will be very sensitive and caring in nature. Your spouse will be goal oriented person and will do a lot of hardwork also to achieve their goals. Your spouse will be have a mother like nature. They can be a workoholic person. they also have a religious nature and they can also be a good listener as well.

23. 7th Lord in Dhanistha Nakshatra: Your spouse will be very energetic person. Your spouse will be very brave and have a strong will power also. Your spouse will have that positive energy to achieve their goals. Your spouse maybe rich as well. They may play some musical instrument as thier hobby or may have an athletic background.

24. 7th Lord in Shatabisha Nakshatra: Your spouse will intelligent and will have interest in mystery related stuff like occult science and astrology. They will have good intuition power also. They love to serve to thier society and improve the society. They may have some poilitical interest. You have to make sure that your spouse must avoid alchohol, even if they have a drinking habit you must help them to get over their bad habits.

25. 7th Lord in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Your spouse will be very humble in nature and beautiful too! Your spouse will bring good fortune into your life. They dedicate towards their goal in lige. They will have philosophical nature. They will be working for the government.

26. 7th Lord in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Your spouse will have good communication skills. Your spouse may have a interest in hidden knowledge like occult science and astrology. Your spouse will love to travel a lot and will also be a kind hearted person. They are very connected to their children.There may be certain circumstances where they will have a wealthy inheritance. they also  believes in equality.

27. 7th Lord in Revati Nakshatra: Your spouse can be wealthy in terms of both money and kindess. Your spouse may get indulged in spirituality, Your spouse will be optimistic in nature and can be a good leader as well. Your spouse maybe artistic in nature as well,they believe in god strongly,they have a very responsible nature.

Thank You! For Reading this article. That's it for today...

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