{4 Must} Documents Required For Indian Dropshipping

In this blog post, we will discuss about the document required for Indian Dropshipping/Ecommerce with no issues in the beginning.

So, let's get started:

Documents Required For Indian Dropshipping

Documents Required For Indian Dropshipping:

Here, we have arrange list of some must required documents for Indian Dropshipping.

1. PAN Card: To Verify Your Facebook Account Profile. This will help you to avoid Facebook ad account suspension. In order to verify your identity, all you have to just visit your personal ad account and click on profile security and then click on "confirm identity"

2. Debit Card or Credit Card: To Add funds into your Ad Account. In the beginning, I will suggest you to add fund of only 50-100rs only via prepaid method through your Personal Ad Account. Just in case, if your ad account got disabled then you can start over again without loosing much.

3. GST Number (Optional): To claim GST Refunds (You can even start without a GST Number also.) If you are doing Indian ecommerce then this is compulsory.

4. A Top-Level Domain Name: So, that customer can remember your Company. A good easy to remember domain name is good and it will get index on google easily to bring organic sales. Remember, the name of your domain should be appropriate otherwise facebook and google ads will not allow you to run ads on their platform.

5. Facebook Profile (atleast 3): Usually! Facebook personal ad account is good in the beginning and they don't face suspension easily as compared to business ad account. In the beginning, you should start with a personal ad account and run few ads for some days. 

Once you start getting results on your personal ad account for atleast 1-2 months. Then, you can shift to business ad account. Otherwise you can stick with your personal ad account.

The only difference between personal ad account and business ad account is business ad account allows you to have business manager from where you get business ad account without any limitations.


In order to do Indian Dropshipping, you must have a Facebook Personal Ad account, Aomain name, Debit Card and PAN Card. 

If you have any query regarding anything or if you think, I have miss something to touch then comment down below. Questioning is better than Lose!

That's it. 


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