Ketu and Your Past Life Connections: Vedic Astrology

Hey! So, you want to know what Ketu shows about your past life connections and we can say events. Ketu and Past Life Connections: If Ketu is placed with any planet. Then, it shows that you have a past life connection with those things represented by that planet. And then, you will start detaching from it. That's what Ketu is showing about your past life. For example:  If you have Ketu with Mars. Then, I've saw that in most of the cases. The native was involved in the engineering or police-related jobs. Then, they starts doing something else and they've got success. I can't disclose anyone's name but that is the fact that I'm sharing here. And same as if you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, rahu sitting with saturn tells you that in your past birth you were not able to achieve those things but in this birth you'll work for it. For example:  If you have Rahu with Saturn. Then, you can be a jailer or stock broker also. In short, all the professions related to th

Darakaraka and its Effects on Different houses and Signs

Hey! Everyone... In this article, I'm going to cover the topic of Darakaraka and Darakaraka in different houses. What is Darakaraka? Darakaraka is the planet that has the lowest degree in the birth chart. That planet is called Darakaraka.  Darakaraka in Different Houses: Darakaraka in 1st House:  Your spouse will be more dedicated towards you and you too will feel attached with him/her. After marriage, you can say your desires will be fulfilled. Maybe he or she will help you in improving your personality. Your spouse could help you in your business or he/she may already be indulged in business. Darakaraka in 2nd House:  Your spouse will be very rich. He/she will be very much concerned about families. He/she may have good knowledge about financial matters. Darakaraka in 3rd House:  Your spouse will be courageous. He/she will be very much brave. Your spouse can come from the communication and media field. He/She will be very much creative and intelligent. Darakaraka in 4th Hous

Virgottama Planets and Their Effects in Vedic Astrology

Hey! Everyone... Virgottama planets mean having a planet in the same sign in both D1 (Birth Chart) and D9 (Navmasha Chart) . For example:  In the birth chart, you have the Moon with the 12th sign which is of Pisces and In your navamsa chart, the Moon is also with the 12th sign.   => If you have positive planets like Virgottama planets like Moon or Mercury. Then they will give you extra positive and good results according to their houses. => If you have negative planets like Rahu or Ketu, then it will also give you good results. Don't Worry! Now! You have got your Virgottama Planets with you... Let's check its benefits differently: Special Benefits of Virgottamama Planets: In this method , you have to check that planet's sign number first! Then, you can continue with this article. For example,  Virgottama Moon in 12 means Pisces,, and so on... => If you have 1,5 or 9th sign, then during that planet's dasha you'll be inclined to religious matter and you

Upapada Lagna | Spouse Nature,Effects and Relationship Prediction By Vedic Astrology in 2023

Hey! Everyone In this article, I'll tell you how you can find out the characteristics of your spouse with Upapada Lagna in an easy manner. So, it would be easier for everyone to understand. Let's dive into this topic... How to calculate Upapada lagna ? Friends! This the part where most of the people lose their interest in some articles. But I guarantee you that if you stick with this one then you'll get your answers otherwise comment sections is below • First of all, look at your 12th house. (Hope! You did) • Then, look at which number is there. • Then, find the lord of that number. For example: If there is "4" then its lord would be "Moon" (Hope! You got! ) • Now, find out where is your moon placed in your birth chart.  • Now, you have to count how much far that lord planet is from the 12th house. (I'll help you if you can't able to do that... Just comment below) • For example, It is 10 houses away! • Then, count 10 houses more forward... (In